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Harney County Arts in Education Foundation

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." ~ Albert Einstein  

Performing Arts and Education Center


The vision began through the musical excellence of our student musicians and the tremendous need for rehearsal facilities that are appropriate to music and art education.  

The vision expanded to include this beautiful space called Harney County and the tremendous need for a facility that would offer creative space to the artisans, theater guilds and local musicians of our community.


The Performing Arts and Education Center will provide a home for the arts of Harney County.   It will be:

~ a learning center for the schools art and music programs

~ artistic space for local musicians, theater guilds and artisans

~large, acoustically correct performance auditorium with adequate stage,

  sound, lighting, seating and storage.

 ~intimate performance setting with an art gallery and reception space.

 ~venue for workshops, classes and summer camps.

 ~tourist destination venue supporting our local economy





Meet the Volunteers


PAEC Advisory Board

Linda Neale, Chair                         President Leupold & Stevens Family Foundation

Kevin A. Lefohn                              Executive Director Portland Youth Philharmonic

Dr. Donna Evans                            Assistant Professor of  English/Writing

Dick Jenkins                                   Round Barn Visitors Center ~ Owner/Historian

Steve Grasty                                   Harney County Judge

Pete Runnels                                  County Commissioner

Randy Fulton                                  Harney County Economic Development Director

Donna Schnitker                            Harney ESD Early Childhood Center Director

Martin E. Thompson Jr.                 Attorney at Law

Nate Ritches                                   Morris Artists Management  Nashville, Tennessee

Marjorie Thelen                              Author & Publisher


PAEC Board

Deborah Peckham, Chair              Co-Chair PAEC/Building

Teri Cain                                          Co-Chair PAEC/Grants

Jalin Bingham                                  Co-Chair PAEC Local Fundraising

Rebecca A. Thein                           Executive Chair HCAEF

Ken Peckham                                 Treasurer HCAEF

Sharla Calkins                                 Recording Secretary HCAEF

Toni Brown                                      Chamber Music Society ~President

Jan Oswald                                     Gourmet & Gadgets ~ Owner

Brian L. Farrally                              Ed Staub ~ District Manager

Pete Runnels                                   Figaro’s Pizza ~ Owner

Tammy Johnston                             Harney County Clerk Office ~ Chief Deputy Clerk

Linc Reed Nickerson                      KBNH ~ KQFC Radio ~ Owner

Janet Braymen                                Musician/ ‘Sage Rats’

Tara McLain                                    Harney County School District #3 School Board Member

Ben Holtby                                       Burns High School Art Teacher

Peg Wallis                                       Writer

Michelle Steineckert                       Drama ~ Theater

Chris Briels                                     Retired Fire Chief ~ Burns , OR  

Aron Kessinger                              The Phil Kessinger Family

                                                          Bike Burns ~ owner

                   Together ~ we are making a difference in the future of Harney County!